A key differentiator between mediocre and first-class companies is successful personnel selection. It is undisputed that top managers achieve better results and create more sustainable value compared to middle-class managers. On the other hand, it remains to be said that wrong appointments in particular can cause considerable damage to companies. Our mission is therefore to find the best available executive for our clients and to set ourselves apart from our competitors. Despite the fact that we are a medium-sized company, we are highly efficient at all times. Accordingly, we are able to concentrate even more on you and your needs and focus more on them.

To implement this successfully, we have developed a 6-phase strategy to achieve the best possible result for you.

Phase 1: Needs analysis

We have optimized and standardized our search process based on previously defined rules and criteria. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we are able to create accurate job profiles that match the concrete needs of our clients. In order to be able to implement this, we discuss and analyse the requirements and needs of the position to be filled in intensive discussions. However, not only the formal criteria from the CV are of particular interest. Personal characteristics are of particular importance here, which are basically decisive in determining whether the potential candidate fits the job profile ideally. In the further course of the process, possible critical situations are systematically worked out with which the manager will probably be confronted. From this analysis, desirable core competencies of the candidate can be filtered and weighed up.

Phase 2: The search for high potentials

In view of our knowledge of the industry and many years of experience, we are familiar with and networked with numerous managers. This pool of personalities is supplemented by others through continuous and systematic processes such as “active sourcing”. The resulting transfer of knowledge is an example of the culture of cooperation with Optimal. The commitment of all resources and expertise of Optimal is bundled.

Phase 3: Individual dialogue

Decisive for the success or failure within the assignment is the approach to the potential candidates. In general, only the consultant who is involved in the search assignment from the very beginning is in a position to present the opportunities and challenges most convincingly and to convey the client’s corporate culture most clearly. In addition, they are able to put themselves in the position of the potential candidate’s motivation and to eliminate any ambiguities in a credible and authentic manner. Furthermore, the consultant is able to arouse the interest of undecided candidates in the position to be filled.

Due to our professional and technical background, we are able to communicate at eye level, which is appreciated by candidates and clients alike.

We pursue the goal of establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients and candidates. Our strong network is your advantage.

Phase 4: Assessment of potential candidates

It is undisputed that managers make an enormous contribution to the success or failure of companies – regardless of formal qualifications. Here, it is rather the way in which they master decisive challenges that counts. This means that in the selection interviews we do not only analyse training paths and career steps, but also behaviour patterns and attitudes. For example, we want to find out how critical situations were mastered in the past. In addition, we aim to find out more about the personality, as this is more meaningful than technical or professional knowledge. To this end, chances can be determined whether the potential candidate conforms to the job description and, above all, can be included in the individual corporate culture. Last but not least, the insights gained are formed into an overall picture of the candidate in a well-founded examination of the references.

Phase 5: Successful negotiation

Everyone is aware of the lack of skilled workers. Therefore, we have also made it our business to take on the position of mediator and moderator who acts between our clients and the candidates, even in difficult phases within the contract negotiations. The advantage is that we are able to establish a first relationship of trust with the candidates through an intensive search and the interviews. During the interviews we learn about expectations and attitudes regarding the position or even personal consequences within a change of job. This enables us to contribute our knowledge sensitively in discussions and to clarify any final problems and ambiguities. Candidate and client can thus be brought together in a conflict-free and solution-oriented manner.

Phase 6: Maintaining success

Our goal is to find executives and/or managers who meet or even exceed your expectations. This means that our mandate is not fundamentally terminated after the contract has been signed. We also support you for a period X in the integration and evaluation of the selected candidate. Regular interviews ensure the quality of the integration within the company. At the same time, we not only pursue our principle of professionalism, but also see this as a valuable investment in the future. We value a long-term business relationship based on constant trust and authenticity.

The interaction of the above-mentioned 6 phases guarantees a smooth and successful cooperation within a long-term business relationship.