We accompany you throughout the entire recruitment process – from the identification to the establishment and evaluation of candidates.

Our optimal services also include the support of your strategic development of management portfolios, such as development planning. With every successful strategy implementation, it is crucial that ongoing activities are adapted to the corporate strategy.

Our consulting services

With regard to the evaluation of executives, our services cover the following areas:

competitive position
Competence models
Potential for growth and change

With the help of our expertise we can support you in the following areas:

Executive development and assessment
Identification of new candidates
Evaluations of mediated candidates

Assessment of competences

Are the corporate strategies successfully implemented? Are you aware of the high potentials in your company, who take responsibility and do not shy away from any challenge? Do you use them correctly?

Especially in the face of intense competition and the accompanying lack of managers, it is of enormous importance to promote them systematically and specifically.

Our services cover all important industries. Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of objective evaluations of managers.

Management Assessments

In addition to the classic placement, we also support you in the analysis of comprehensive management resources. This enables corporate decision-makers to make important decisions when selecting personnel and to define and ultimately implement long-term strategies for the development of management staff.

With the help of experts, we can conduct customized and individual assessments of candidate selection. This enables us to identify existing high performers and high potentials and to develop suitable measures:

Underchallenge in the current position
Need for participation in management development
Reorientation and reorganisation of current areas of responsibility
Evaluate individual performance and identify potential

In each assessment, relevant competencies and standards for the assessment of managers are defined. This process is designed to ensure a reliable management evaluation and aims to map future performance as accurately as possible.

Candidates are assessed on the basis of a transparent system by determining future potential on the one hand and comparing the candidate with the market on the other. This forms the basis for analysing new appointments, development needs and promotions.

Management development

Does your management development fulfil the goals you have set? Do you promote the right people? Are your development strategies also geared towards greater responsibilities?

Often leadership development programs are superficial and unrealistic. Instead of taking a comprehensive approach to human resources development, sentences such as “We’ll send you to a seminar” or “Find a trainer” are used more often.

Promotion of personalities

We work together to develop individual and realistic plans and to ensure that they are implemented in such a way that, on the one hand, the managers deployed meet the current performance requirements and, on the other hand, that they are able to take on the future positions for which they have the potential.